Thank you to everyone who is following Jasmine’s journey. For those of you who have responded with comments, please know that my reason for not replying is to avoid resembling Facebook or a social media platform. I appreciate and am encouraged by your expressions of love, support, and testimonies of how Jasmine has impacted your life. Some of the comments leave me in tears when I realize how much she will be missed if and when God chooses to take her to His heavenly home.

My last post was on Saturday at 4:20 am. When she entered hospice on Friday evening, there was a sense of urgency because they anticipated that she was going to survive without the ventilator for only a few hours. It is now Monday night and to the chagrin of everyone on the medical staff and to us, I am spending my fourth night on the sofa. While there are signs that her system is shutting down, she has remained much more stable than expected.

We do not know God’s timing. He has unexpectedly extended her time here. We do not know if it is for a few more hours or days, but we continue to trust in His plan and purpose.

Yesterday, together Rhapsody, Seizen, and I had an opportunity to visit with her. Before they departed, we gathered around her and tearfully thanked God for gifting us with her loving, unselfish spirit, always willing to sacrifice and wanting the best for each of us. We will miss her. It was probably the last time that we would gather as a family of four.