15 September 09, 2021

Jasmine’s Online Memorial Site with Update on Her Memorial Service

2022-07-01T11:38:26-05:00September 15, 2021|Categories: Jasmine's Covid Journey|Tags: |1 Comment

A memorial site has been created to remember Jasmine's life and to share how she had personally impacted your own life and the lives of others. Information about her memorial gathering is also included. We would be so honored by your presence but if you are unable to attend, you may [...]

11 September 09, 2021

Save the Date

2022-07-01T11:28:13-05:00September 11, 2021|Categories: Jasmine's Covid Journey|Tags: |4 Comments

We are working on plans for a memorial service for Jasmine. I have received confirmation of the date, time, and place so please note it on your calendar. Here it is: Date: Monday, September 20 Time:  6:30 pm Place: Northplace Church 2800 Pleasant Valley Rd. Sachse, Texas 75048 For those who [...]

8 September 09, 2021

Jasmine’s Transition is Complete

2022-07-01T11:26:55-05:00September 8, 2021|Categories: Jasmine's Covid Journey|Tags: |21 Comments

"When the life is over... And the race is run... I can hear you calling, "Come" I will come, while you sing over me." https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x8n7Ds7Mewhv5NGToRVVMj-S_9rDnhga/view?usp=sharing At 12:09 pm today, Jasmine heard Jesus say, “Come,” and she ran to Him as He sang over her a song of joy, welcoming her into [...]

8 September 09, 2021

Morris Musing – Jasmine and Power of Your Love

2022-07-01T11:26:29-05:00September 8, 2021|Categories: Jasmine's Covid Journey, Morris' Musings|Tags: |5 Comments

While waiting on God to move, I reflect upon Jasmine's artistic talents. All of the decor in our home are expressions of her cultural identity and her family and spiritual values - the wall decor, flower arrangements, and the pictures of family. Jasmine also learned the cultural arts of Japanese dance [...]

6 September 09, 2021

Unexpected Extended Time

2022-02-21T11:09:39-05:00September 6, 2021|Categories: God and My Journey with Jasmine, Jasmine's Covid Journey|Tags: |11 Comments

Thank you to everyone who is following Jasmine’s journey. For those of you who have responded with comments, please know that my reason for not replying is to avoid resembling Facebook or a social media platform. I appreciate and am encouraged by your expressions of love, support, and testimonies of how [...]

4 September 09, 2021

From Transition to Transition

2022-07-01T11:25:52-05:00September 4, 2021|Categories: Jasmine's Covid Journey|Tags: |31 Comments

It’s peaceful now at 4:20 am on the in-patient hospice floor of the hospital. No more whirling sounds of the ventilator or beeps from monitors. The only sound is the cadence of Jasmine’s weak breaths as she transitions to breathe on her own. After witnessing the struggle of the medical team [...]

1 September 09, 2021

Collision at Turn 38!

2022-07-01T11:23:36-05:00September 1, 2021|Categories: Jasmine's Covid Journey|Tags: |16 Comments

(If you read the previous blog, then this title will make sense to you. You are receiving this on Wednesday, but these reflections are about the events on Monday and Tuesday.) Upon sticking with the road to Hana analogy, if our journey would have 617 turns like the road to Hana, [...]

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