It’s peaceful now at 4:20 am on the in-patient hospice floor of the hospital. No more whirling sounds of the ventilator or beeps from monitors. The only sound is the cadence of Jasmine’s weak breaths as she transitions to breathe on her own.

After witnessing the struggle of the medical team to stabilize her on Wednesday night, it became evident that the time had come to transition from artificial life support and allow the natural course to take place. The team of doctors, nurses, and technicians in ICU had utilized every means to sustain her life and now was the time to place the final outcome completely into God’s hands. On Thursday, I made the decision and on Friday evening, the transition from artificial means of life-support to the natural was made.

Rhapsody and Seizen had the opportunity to visit their mom and express their final words of love and appreciation to her. We trust that God opened her ears to receive the words from the deepest parts of their hearts. Those poignant moments will be embedded in our memories for life.

God has chosen to not raise Jasmine up by the miracle that we all wanted; He has made it clear that His desire is to call her home at the exact time of His choosing. Jasmine has lived a life that the little girl from the sleepy town of Hilo, Hawaii never dreamed of. She never anticipated that she would call Texas her home for nearly half her life and raise two “native Texans” without compromising her cultural roots. She touched many, many lives with her passionate love for God and love from God, more than she will know this side of heaven. So, at 70 (yes, I know that comes as a surprise to many of you), despite the richness of family, friends, and her abiding faith in Christ, if God gave her a choice she would say as the Apostle Paul, “My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better.” (Philippians 1:23b).

There is one more transition to come, from the earthly to the heavenly. And so we wait. . .

“When the life is over…
And the race is run…
I can hear you calling, “Come”
I will come, while you sing over me
.”  Dennis Jernigan