The previous post closed with the epitaph on Jasmine’s urn, “Her heart of surrender left an imprint on the hearts of others.” Her journey through COVID and death brought out the breadth of the imprint that she had on the hearts of others—from high school friends to neighbors, to friends from church, to family, and beyond. Her love from God was her fuel to love people. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior when she was in her 20s and it transformed her life. Because of it, she had a passion to see others come to Christ. When she shared the gospel with her friends, sometimes they would ignore her; sometimes they got annoyed with her; sometimes they opposed her. But she was undeterred knowing that she was sharing life-giving Truth and her concern for their eternal destiny compelled her to not give up on them.

An imprint that she left on my heart was a concern for the souls of others. I still do not have the boldness that she had but I am increasingly conscious of God’s call upon my life to share the “good news” that Jesus died for our sins to transform our lives while on earth and secure our eternal destiny in Heaven. Even though I wish she were still here, I am at peace in knowing that she is with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Stop and Consider: You might live to be the best person that you can possibly be. That is honorable. But when measured against God’s holiness, we all fall short, and only by confessing our sinfulness and professing Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior can we receive His gift of eternal life. Are you prepared for eternity?