The transition from the ventilator to the trial CPAP mode (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is in process. This involved shutting off Jasmine’s sedation and switching the ventilator to CPAP mode for periods of time, causing her to initiate breathing with the ventilator providing support. In simple terms, it reduces the level of dependence on the ventilator, giving her the opportunity to breathe on her own. A few days ago, this process did not start well as her body could not handle shutting off the sedation, but she is now making the transition. Some days are expected to be better than others and she did very well today. A patient can take up to a few days to “wake up” after the sedation has been shut off. Tonight, she is showing signs of “waking up” although her eyes are not yet open.

This week, they plan to replace the intubation with a trach as she has been intubated for nearly 3 weeks. Any surgery has its risks, but the trach will be better for her going forward. As she becomes conscious, she will be more comfortable with the trach than with the intubation, and it will be easier to take steps to wean her off the ventilator.

This is very encouraging. Thank you for your continual prayers! God is listening!