I had not posted for a couple of days, and honestly, I have been struggling the past 2 days, Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday, they attempted to do the CPAP trial and Jasmine’s system reacted against it so strongly that they had to suspend the procedure. Furthermore, there was another situation later in the day that caused unnecessary stress upon her system that should have been avoided with more attention. I was disappointed that Jasmine wasn’t able to handle the CPAP trial, but I became more troubled by the manner in which it was conducted and the added stress that was put upon her. It was the first time since she has been hospitalized that I was not happy with her care.

I was able to visit her this morning (Friday) and she was not doing as well as she had been the past few days. Apparently, she had not fully recovered from the previous day.

Tonight, I got a completely different report from her night nurse, Cat, who is an angel sent from heaven. She informed me that they attempted the CPAP trial today and that was a surprise to me. This time they were able to go through with it and Jasmine was on the CPAP mode for 5 hours! She was struggling to breathe but that is to be expected. It is like someone who has been sedentary for a while and then gets onto a jogging track; they will struggle. This was the step forward that we have been praying for and she has taken it! No one knows how long it will be before she can fully transition, but I will communicate to the medical team that I would like them to proceed slowly. The major goal is to get her off of the ventilator, but the ultimate goal is to restore her health, whatever and how ever long that process takes.

Pray for her to gain strength to breathe on her own and for wisdom for the medical team as they decide on the next steps for her care.