The medical team took steps to wean Jasmine off the ventilator and after a few unsuccessful attempts, she began showing signs of improvement. Hallelujah, she was turning the corner! The procedures were progressing well except for one concern. They had discontinued all sedation, but Jasmine wasn’t “waking up” as they had expected. Not willing to leave any stone unturned, they conducted an MRI and EEG on her brain. Then a devastating report came at turn 38 like a head-on collision! Vision for the future was shattered in a flash, like an airbag hitting me in the face! The MRI and EEG findings revealed that Jasmine had suffered multiple strokes causing extensive brain damage. Her lungs were showing signs of improvement, but the doctors concluded that she would never regain consciousness.

How could this be? What about all our prayers? Doesn’t God know that Jasmine can touch more people for Christ if she lives? And what about the special bond that she has with her five granddaughters? They are only five-years-old and younger. If she doesn’t make it, they will be deeply hurt and bewildered to hear that their grandma would never come home.

Stop and Consider: We can never be prepared for the unexpected. How would you react to God if unanswered prayers meant your hopes and dreams were crushed? What would it mean for your faith?

(Part 11: Praying for a Miracle . . . A True Miracle)