My visit with Jasmine the next night was the most difficult. For over two hours the medical team had difficulty stabilizing her and when I finally left, well beyond visiting hours, she still was not at a comfortable place. I witnessed her oxygen level drop from 92% (which is okay) down to percentages in the low 80s (which is not okay). Although she had been stable for several days at 40% on the ventilator, the setting for the past 24 hours had to be increased to 100%. The readout on the monitors measuring her vital signs indicated that her system was in decline. With deep sorrow, I conceded that the time had come to transition off artificial life support and place the final stage of this journey completely into God’s hands.

Stop and Consider: We can trust in God’s sovereignty, but let’s admit it; there are times when we do not like God’s will; we know that He could have desired a better outcome. When your heart is sorrowful, how do you relate to God and how does He relate to you?

(Part 13: The Last Time Together as a Family of Four)