Three months ago, my mom said half-jokingly, “You better finish that book before I die!” 

Monday was a holiday, and mail is not delivered on holidays. So I was surprised to find a padded envelope on the walkway leading to my front porch. I was puzzled; I didn’t recognize the sender. Could this be another mystery delivery from China? ( I previously received sets of markers and a packet of unknown seeds.)

Nevertheless, it was addressed to me, so I tore open the package, and it was the “proof copy” of my upcoming book! I was excited! It arrived a week earlier than I expected.

On Tuesday, I was with Rhapsody’s family. Their oldest daughter, Emily, is six years old and just beginning to read, but, of course, she can enjoy pictures. She was thrilled to see her photos on the inside and also named all of the other family members. I said to her, “I wrote this book.” She replied with astonishment, “You wrote this book?” “Yes, see my name on the cover?” Wide-eyed, she said, “So, you’re an author!”

I don’t know how a six-year-old knows what it means to be an author, and she probably does not comprehend the significance of what she said. In popular culture, a person can be a conference speaker, a media personality, a famous preacher, or have a string of letters after their name. But in people’s eyes, writing a book validates their accomplishments, and the tagline “author” is added to their list of titles.

Two years before Jasmine’s passing, the wife of a world-renowned pastor went to be with the Lord. Her husband and children wrote a book about their struggles through that painful journey. Undoubtedly, their book will reach millions of people because of their highly regarded reputation and prominence. Their wife and mother lived an exemplary life, and her story deserves to be told.

I did not write this book for prestige, personal gain, or with aspirations to be a best-selling author. Jasmine and I never concerned ourselves about being in the limelight. We were ordinary people who simply wanted to be used by God to draw people to Him. Our story is relatable to ordinary people with everyday struggles that I share, some that people are afraid to talk about. My prayer is that anyone who reads it will be encouraged to walk with God, especially those who have, are, or will go through the pain of loss . . . and everyone will at some point.

In a matter of weeks, the book will become a reality. I am keeping my end of the bargain; my mom needs to keep hers.

Stop and Consider . . .

The retail version of the book will be available on Amazon in a few weeks. A Special Color Edition will be available as an appreciation gift of $25 or more to Shepherds Wellspring Ministries. If you would like to reserve a copy of the Special Color Edition, click on the link or scan the QR Code. 

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