Sitting here watching a video of Sister Barbara Lee broke me. 10 years ago while on vacation in Hawaii, I introduced Jasmine to Sister Barbara. As a child, I didn’t know her personally, only through her music. I was often bored in church, but when she sat down at the piano, she had my full attention, especially with one song in particular. She wasn’t flashy; she wasn’t entertaining. She sang out of the core of her being and her deep love for God was unmistakable. She sang for an audience of One.

Today is Sunday. I did church online; I did church in-person. The music was well-rehearsed and the sermons were delivered well. Both services were meaningful. And then there was Sister Barbara’s video. It wasn’t rehearsed; it wasn’t pre-planned. It was raw; it was authentic; it was stripped down coming from the core of her being. Maybe that is why it brought me to tears. As I wait for Jasmine’s condition to turn the corner, God has been stripping me down to the core. What is really important? Can I trust Him . . . completely? I say that I am surrendered, but am I? Can I truly tell God, “Whatever it takes”? Let Sister Barbara Lee take you to that place.