I am strengthened by knowing that so many people are praying for Jasmine – hundreds! She will be astounded when she learns of it! This is also a lonely journey; there are details that I must carry alone. Having had covid, I also had to isolate for a while and had not been to church in several weeks. Online church has its place but it is not a replacement for being IN church. Last Sunday, I was compelled to be in church for the first time in a long time.

Amidst hundreds of people, there was still a sense of being alone. Jasmine was not there to worship with me; having Seizen and Mandy beside me was comforting. Then they sang my all-time favorite praise and worship song, Shout to the Lord! It was as though God chose it for me, knowing how that song embraces my heart like no other. It was His way of saying, “I see you; I’m with you; I got you . . . and Jasmine.”

God is big, but He is intimately acquainted with His children, more than we will ever know.

“My Comfort, My Shelter, Tower of refuge and strength . . . Shout to the Lord!”