Jasmine’s vitals remain stable. Her kidneys continue to be a focus for prayer as the medical markers are trending in the wrong direction.

Every day, I get a message about another prayer group that is praying for Jasmine’s healing. Every day, someone posts a message on Facebook about her situation and the prayer circles expand even further. As the concern and prayers for Jasmine continue to expand, I also look in the other direction, within. What is God doing in me? Is there something within me that He wants to dislodge? Is there something that I need to surrender, confess, repent of, commit to? What has my relationship been with Jasmine in the past and how will it be different in the future? What about my other relationships? Children? Friends? Co-workers? What kind of impact am I making for heaven here on earth?

I am so grateful for all your prayers! Don’t stop! While we wait upon God for Jasmine’s healing, He continues to work in the heart . . . sometimes it feels like “heart surgery” but ultimately it is for healing of the heart to become more like Him.