Project Description

Counseling for Life-Transformation Workshop

Sharpening Skills to Restore Souls

People look upon a pastor as a spiritual authority and seek counseling for biblical solutions for their life’s obstacles and problems. The reality is that even with a Bible college or seminary degree, most pastors feel ill-equipped to offer counsel in some or all of these areas. Lay people often have opportunities to minister to others and desire to be better equipped. This workshop is suitable for anyone who has a desire to be used of God to lead others to experience a Spirit-transformed life.

Purpose of this Workshop

This Workshop is designed to sharpen the counseling skills of pastors and lay counselors by equipping them to be conduits of the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit to restore souls.

5 Things to Expect from this Workshop
  • Equip participants with necessary, foundational truths for counseling
  • Provide participants with a basic counseling process
  • Equip participants with practical counseling tools
  • Address the most common topics encountered in counseling
  • Recommend practical counseling resources
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This Workshop Will Cover 3 Areas

The Head

Counseling that is based on a sound, theological foundation greatly impacts the approach and outcome. Some of the truths that will be discussed are:

  • The impact of a person’s view of God
  • The impact of a person view of their identity
  • Understanding the difference between guilt vs. shame
  • God’s work of redemption and restoration
  • The journey of Spirit-transformation

The Heart

Effective biblically-based counseling flows out of a trusting relationship between the counselor and the counselee. A counselee often enters the counseling process with fear, skepticism, insecurity, and other barriers that must be overcome in order for the counseling to be transformational.

The heart of a pastor or lay counselor that is empathetic, respectful, and authentic is as important as, if not more important than, counseling skills.

Various areas of the heart will be discussed within the framework of the internal character qualities for a biblically-based counselor and the relational character qualities that are extended to a counselee.

The Hands

People most often seek counseling with a goal to get out of pain, resolve a problem, and / or find direction for their life. These felt needs are important to address but they should not be the ultimate goal.

Understanding the role and the goals of Life-Transformational Counseling is essential to move a counselee from their present condition toward healing and wholeness, but ultimately on a path to become increasingly like Christ. In addition to addressing the role and goals of a Pastoral Care Counselor, participants will receive:

  • An overview of the counseling process
  • Practical skills to apply in counseling
  • A detailed outline of the stages in the counseling process
  • Guidelines for addressing the most common topics encountered in counseling
  • Helpful tools to use in counseling situations

I believe this is something that every person in any form of ministry needs. We encounter so many people that need help. This is a great tool and guide.

Patsy, Pastor's Wife
Not only did this help me. This will help me help others.
Hunter, Youth Pastor
I feel like this material and workshop has given me practical and effective tools to use. What a blessing to have a part in this workshop.
Jeff, Pastor
Well rounded format, excellent presentation, very professional. Very nice to have all these practical tools.
Sam, Lay Counselor